Corporate social responsibility & sustainability


Since the constitution of GRUPO COSMOS in 2007, it has been characterized by pursuing a responsible society, assuming in its decision-making all the actions aimed at giving back to society, through the interaction of its companies in the world, a management model report social benefits.

GRUPO COSMOS, within its Corporate Social Responsibility program, contributes to promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations that encourage all social groups, including companies, to form alliances to carry them out.

Our participation in cultural, social and sports actions are part of our commitment to current and future society.

GRUPO COSMOS and all the Companies that form it around the world are firmly committed to carrying out their activity with honesty, integrity and responsibility.This commitment has been part of our DNA since our beginning in 1995 and is the core of our Social Responsibility Plan and our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.


GRUPO COSMO as part of the society, the environment and the economy of the countries and localities in which it operates, acquires a commitment to continuous improvement in achieving sustainable development for all the plants of the group that is reflected by the Policy Corporate Social Responsibility.
In the environmental area, GRUPO COSMOS is aware of the global and local nature of its activities and acquires an environmental commitment, reflecting this through the Environmental Policy of GRUPO COSMOS and its commitment to work under Certified Management Systems based on internationally accepted standards.

This commitment has led the GRUPO COSMOS Management to include the Environment in its management strategy with the objective of protecting and conserving the Environment. For this purpose, performance indicators have been incorporated globally, in terms of energy efficiency and emissions, in order to contribute to avoiding climate change, control indicators of water consumption and its quality, control of chemical products, control of the origin of materials ensuring that they are not from conflicting origins and the reduction of waste also associated with continuous improvement in being as efficient as possible in the responsible use of raw materials, auxiliaries and resources.

Total Direct Emissions CO2 equivalent (total ton CO2 equivalent) 2020 vs 2019: -4%.

Water Consumption (m3/K€ turnover) 2020 vs 2019: -10,5%.

Total energy consumption (KWh/k€ turnover) 2020 vs 2019: -7,14%.

Consumption of green electricity 2020: Spanish factories: 100%. Total Group: 71,1%.